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The April Fabric of the Month is Stonewash

**Fabric of the Month is currently full**


Fabric of the Month is a monthly subscription for a special color.  Each month I will dye a new color just for Fabric of the Month Subscribers (it may be added to the regular line eventually but subscribers get first dibs!) and send it to you in your choice of Size, Count, and Type of Fabric.  I will send you the same type and size fabric every month unless you request a change.  If a type of fabric is backordered, I will substitute a similar fabric.  

I will post the new color near the first of the month here, on the Under the Sea Fabrics Facebook Page, Under the Sea Fabrics Facebook Group (there is a link to join on the homepage of this site) and on Instagram @undertheseafabrics.  I send invoices usually between the 1st and 5th (you can choose to receive Square or Paypal invoices) and usually ship near the end of the month.  I use the shipping preference you choose when placing this order.  First Class is usually $4.50 within the US.  International rates vary by country.

When you join, I ask that you stick with the subscription for at least 3 months and then you may choose to discontinue your subscription.  Also, if you go more than 2 months without paying your invoice, I will remove you from FOTM.  

I’m very flexible and if a color doesn’t suit your taste or you would prefer a different count, type of fabric or opalescence, I’m happy to make those changes for you as long as you email me or contact me through facebook before you pay your invoice.   I encourage you to make a wishlist and email it to me as well.

Another benefit to Fabric of the Month Membership are Spontaneous FotM only sales.  These sale codes will be in the comments section of your invoices when I hold them.

Your first month of Fabric of the Month is the regular retail price but it will go down by about 20% with following months.  I do this to deter people who only join for one month for the Special Fabric and disappear.




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Fabric of the Month Subscription

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