Care Instructions

This fabric is NOT colorfast. Each piece was dyed individually, and no two pieces are exactly the same. We recommend not washing after you complete your stitching. If you want to pre-wash, you can rinse in cold water or run in a cold cycle in your washing machine using mild detergent. Please be advised that you will lose some color intensity with additional washing. Darker colors are especially prone to losing dye intensity or bleeding when wettened. Hand-painted fabrics may have some color bubbles on one side where the dye settled during the painting process. We recommend not storing your fabric in a plastic bag.

Size indicated is before dyeing. Dyed fabrics do shrink and while I cut each piece a little larger to account for the shrinkage, some pieces still shrink more than others. I especially find 28 Count Jobelan, 14 Count Aida, and 14 and 18 count opalescent aidas susceptible to extra shrinkage